Using your gym or sports floor as a branding tool

The demand for bespoke gym flooring and sports flooring is ever increasing. More and more fitness facilities are looking at continuing its brand identity by customising their flooring throughout. What better way to keep your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind and help create recognition. Facilities have realised that by advertising their logo in the open spaces underfoot on either your gym floor or sports floor helps leave a lasting impression.

As well as having a logo on any of the flooring surfaces brand colours can also be carried through the flooring in the facility. This helps create a great visual impact once again helping leave an impression on your customer. Every successful business has created a strong brand identity and businesses within the fitness industry are no different. It has never been as important as it is in the current competitive market to leave that lasting impression. There is a need to communicate your brand identity at all possible opportunities.

For years professional sports teams have decorated their sports surfaces with their logo aware of the visual impact this makes. Imprinting your logo not only reinforces your brand identity to your members but also potential customers or opposing teams. As well as continuing your brand awareness it also adheres to a professional environment. Branding your surfaces most definitely helps create that ‘wow’ factor. Don’t forget the logo and branding doesn’t have to be confined to the traditional gym or sports floor space. It can also be added to sledge and prowler tracks to create that extra showpiece on your gym floor.

We know how to design and install the flooring solutions to give your facility the wow factor as well as adding that extra touch with your branding. If you want to ensure your facility conveys your brand speak to one of our flooring experts.

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