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For the past 30 years, we have been specifying, supplying and installing sports flooring all over the UK & Europe. We have had the pleasure of installing vinyl sports surfaces at national and worldwide sporting events such as the Commonwealth Games, Olympic Games and many televised sporting events.

No matter what type of project we are working with, our detailed method of consulting, specifying and installing remains the same. It is vitally important to us that the floor is safe to use and offers the users performance, whether it’s a primary school child or an Olympian.

Most of our sports flooring installations happen in the education sector and the two key considerations are the type of user and type of activity.

We have a range of flooring solutions, many of which are Sport England EN 14904 compliant. Sports flooring choices include polyurethane, vinyl, linoleum, timber, rubber crumb, rubber tiles, macadam and acrylic.

All of our surfaces are supplied, installed & line marked in-house and we offer a logo installation service.

Indoor Sports Hall Flooring

Providing sports halls with indoor flooring solutions has been a core part of our business for many years. We have installed and refurbished many thousands of metres of vinyl, rubber and timber surfaces throughout the UK and Europe, all to a very high standard.

We work very closely with our manufacturing partners which allows us to offer a vast range of EN14904 compliant sports surfaces. All of our installations come with a manufacturer’s warranty and an installation guarantee by Recreational Coatings Ltd.

Our in-house teams install the following surface types; sprung timber, sports vinyl flooring, linoleum, polyurethane, textile and acrylic. We also offer our own developed Area Elastic and Combined Elastic flooring systems which are EN14904 compliant and come with a variety of finishes. We take into account all types of activity held in these areas including bleacher seating, roller sports and wheelchair use.

Our dedicated teams undertake each element of any refurbishment or new installation project including the subfloor preparation, flooring installation, game socket & post-installation, skirting board installation, door cutting, trim installation and line marking. This enables a time-efficient service to reduce downtime for our customers.

We fully understand the impact of a good sports surface on the users and our consultative approach will enable you to make an informed decision about the right solution for your facility.

MUGA Surfacing (Multi Use Games Areas)

This is where it all started over 30 years ago! Back in the 1980's and 1990's outdoor tennis courts were commonplace all over the United Kingdom and this formed a big part of our business. Nowadays there are fewer tennis courts but the MUGA is clearly on the rise.

The flooring choices for MUGA's include macadam, polymeric, textile and rubber surfaces. There are even loose lay MUGA tiles that can be installed and removed in a matter of an hour or two.

We not only install MUGA surfaces, but we also line mark and install logos to finish the area off.

Sports Line Marking & Logo Installation

We understand line marking and paint application and have been doing it for over 30 years. After all, a poorly line marked can ruin the entire appearance!

As part of our service, we can offer a colour dimensioned line marking drawing so you can really visualise the space.

We install game lines on all types of indoor and outdoor floors on either new (vinyl) or ‘old’ (rubber) sports surfaces.

These game lines can either be installed on a new surface or over existing game lines to ‘freshen’ them up.

We only use the best flooring paint available on the market and a big part of our business is the testing of new products to keep up with the latest technology.

Games Posts and Sockets

Heavy base games posts are a big cause of floor damage in many sports halls. We work with a leading manufacturer of sports equipment to enable us to supply socketed games posts which we supply and install.

At the survey stage, we ensure that your subfloor and sports floor is suitable for socket installation. Our in-house core-drilling team will ensure the longevity of the sockets.

Sanding & Sealing Sports Floors

We offer sanding and sealing service for Granwood and Timber floors. We use the very latest sanding and dust control equipment making the process safer which enables us to carry out works in term time if required.

Our initial survey will highlight any surface repairs which we will undertake prior to sanding. We only use sport-specific seal coatings on our refurbishment projects and we take care to match the original seal to ensure continuity of colour and quality.

Tournament & Sports Event Flooring

We have installed Sports Floors for the Olympics, World Championships, European Championships and UK Championships.

We are able to look after the court transportation, installation and up lift making the process hassle-free for the client. Our service includes the line marking and branding of the court to really create a wow factor.

RECSystems Sports Flooring

For over 30 years Recreational Coatings has supplied and installed indoor and outdoor sports flooring. This includes the private, education, government and professional sports sectors in the United Kingdom and all over the world.

During our 30 year history, we’ve tried and tested many types of sports and gym flooring system. Eventually, we came to realise that we had the knowledge to offer the sports flooring market a unique range of products and solutions that would suit a range of users. RECSystems Sports Flooring was born.

RECSystems Sports Flooring is a range of unique flooring systems that are tailored to each individual customer and end-user. We take into account the user type, age, sports environment and budget to provide a solution that ticks all the boxes.

All RECSystems Sports Flooring ranges are tested to meet Sport England’s EN14904 standard for indoor sports surfaces. All systems are customizable to include line marking, logos and floor graphics.

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