Installation Process

A customer orientated installation process

At Recreational Coatings Ltd, we are here to guide you through the process of specifying and installing a new sport or gym flooring system. There are many options available and there is a lot to consider when choosing the right flooring system but don’t worry, that’s where we come in. We’ll be with you throughout every step of the installation process. Our friendly team of flooring experts will be on hand to provide information, answer questions, and offer guidance from consultation all the way to installation and aftercare.

We offer a thorough and comprehensive six-step installation process and encourage customers to ask questions and give feedback throughout so we can be sure we’re meeting and exceeding expectations no matter what the job. Find out what you can expect from your Recreational Coatings experience below.


The first stage of the sport or gym flooring installation process is to consult with the client and gain essential information about their flooring requirements. It is important for us to know what type of environment the flooring will be used in, the kind and volume of users that will be using it, and the type of activity it will be used for.

If the enquiry is about a new sports surface, the consultation process will be tailored towards narrowing down your options. There are a number of different factors that will affect your sports flooring selection, with user type and volume being the most pertinent. Additionally, subfloor information will also impact the type of sports floors available.

We will ask you about sports-specific requirements and any accessibility needs to tailor the floor to your exact specifications. Finally, budget and timescale will also be taken into consideration so we can be sure you are receiving the most financially viable flooring system for your requirements and that your sports surface will be installed in a timely fashion.

If the enquiry is about a new gym floor, it’s important to know what area of gym flooring needs installing. We will ask whether the area is going to be used for one type of activity or whether there will be areas where the gym flooring requirements will be varied. For example, most health and fitness clubs have large areas which are zoned for different activities. A cardiovascular specific zone, full of heavy machinery, will have very different requirements to a free-weights zone or even a studio space.

We will narrow down the type of activity or activities that will be taking place on your gym floor as well as the type of equipment and the type of user for each specific zone so we can be sure we’re providing functional flooring specified to your individual needs. As always, we will take into consideration the subfloor, budget, timescales, and any other customer-specific requirements such as bespoke markings, logos, and branding.


As part of our installation process, we will provide a complimentary assessment of the area. This includes a full site measure, moisture testing, acoustic testing, and sub floor assessment. There are many factors that will affect a flooring installation so it’s important to know what’s required before the new floor can be installed. We will use the information gained during the consultation process to perfectly tailor your flooring requirements to your individual needs.

Other factors that will impact a flooring installation are building access, a programme of building works (if applicable), and location of the installation area. This is all included in our assessment process and is discussed with the customer so you are fully aware of any limitations that could impact your flooring installation. Don’t worry though, a thorough assessment of these key factors allows us to provide creative solutions and workarounds for restrictions such as these.


Once we have obtained all relevant information regarding the flooring installation, we will provide a comprehensive flooring specification and quotation which will be informed by the information we learnt in the consultation and assessment stages.

Specifications may be backed up with a scaled drawing of the project, product information, cleaning guidelines, products warranties, and any other information we consider vital to your flooring installation.

We also usually provide our insurance, accreditation, and health and safety information at this point. As always, we strive to provide a friendly and customer orientated service every step of the way and invite our customers to ask any questions or voice any concerns about the project at this stage so we can be sure we’re on the same page before we move on to…


Once we’ve received an order we set the wheels in motion and the project is planned to ensure a timely and effective flooring installation. Meeting deadlines and adhering to the promised timescale is the most important factor influenced by the logistics stage of the installation process.

During the logistics stage, we try to liaise with the client and any relevant third parties as much as possible to ensure complete coordination throughout the project. At this point, we fix our focus on coordinating deliveries to ensure products arrive at the right time and installation can begin as soon as possible.

It’s imperative that we consider any and all factors that could negatively impact delivery deadlines and that’s why we often liaise with building site managers as this stage in order to ensure our work is coordinated with other trades.


Our biggest concern during any flooring installation is that our clients are happy. Not only with the finished product but the entire installation process, up to and including their experience with our professional and friendly installation team. We pride ourselves in being an accommodating company, ready and willing to tackle any unexpected challenges that may occur.

Part of ensuring complete customer satisfaction involves taking pictures of each step of the flooring installation process to ensure complete documentation of the project for both our own records and the customer’s reference. Our aim is to complete the project in a timely fashion so the customer can get the most out of their brand-new flooring system as soon as possible.


Once the flooring installation is complete we are able to offer cleaning and maintenance guidelines to prolong the life of your floor. We always recommend customers adhere to the guidelines provided to keep the product looking and feeling its best for as long as humanly possible. The right cleaning and maintenance of your new floor can add years onto its lifespan.

We are also able to provide aftercare services ourselves for customers who would like a more thorough cleaning and care service for their floors. This includes deep cleaning, abrading, scrub and seal, sand and seal, and line marking.

We always use manufacturer recommended cleaning and refurbishment products when providing aftercare and these all come with their own datasheets with guidelines to ensure you receive an industry-standard cleaning service every time.

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