Playground Surfaces For Schools

Installation & Refurbishment of surfaces for schools

Here at Recreational Coatings, we believe that all children deserve to play on safe and vibrant playgrounds. We provide a wide range of playground surfacing optionsand markings to suit all budgets.

  • Services we offer:-
  • Surface cleaning
  • Line marking
  • Playground graphics
  • Wet pour installation
  • Rubber mulch installlation
  • Colour coating
  • Timber and granwood floor sanding
  • Timber floor repairs

Surface Cleaning

Maintenance is a very important aspect of our service.
Our climate is becoming wetter and warmer, which is the prefect environment for moss and algae growth.
Deep cleaning your play areas with our specialist high-pressure cleaning equipment will provide the following advantages;-
~ Improve the surface porosity enabling the surface to dry quicker
~ Improve the slip resistance of the surface
~ Improve the overall appearance of your play area
~ Brighten up any existing line markings
~ Sports surfaces prematurely age if not regularly and properly maintained

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing and Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is a natural looking safety surface, it's very durable. It has the look of natural wood bark chippings.
The finished surface is fully porous and maintenance free perfect for play or seating areas.

Wet pour safety surfacing is an impact absorbing surface which offers maximum safety and durability. The system is usually installed in 2 layers formulated from rubber granules mixed with a polyurethane binder. It is installed around play equipment or climbing areas or installed as a complete surface area to form a sport court area.

Long lasting thermoplastic playground markings

This is a great way to transform your playground into an educational fun area for children to play.
We have many intresting designs for you to choose from.

Colour Coating and Line Marking

Long lasting block colour and line markings are a great way of making your play area more interesting for childrento play on.
A site survey will be carried out to establish if your current aarea is suitable for this application.

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