Gym & Fitness Flooring

Gym Flooring doesn't have to be boring

Most health & fitness clubs have zoned areas where the gym flooring requirements will be varied. This might include CV flooring, functional flooring, studio flooring, HIIT flooring, free weights flooring, lifting platforms and sledge or sledge tracks. As part of our process, we will fully assess the subfloor, equipment, user type & budget to provide a specification that meets all the requirements.

We have access to a range of flooring products from key suppliers to suit most budgets. This includes rubber rolls, rubber mats, rubber tiles, sports vinyl flooring, polyurethane flooring, wooden sprung timber flooring, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), sports carpet and sledge tracks.

We also offer a service to make your gym floor more bespoke, such as functional markings, logos and branding. We can create a gym or functional flooring design, or work with a predetermined scheme to achieve the ideal gym floor design.

We are able to provide flooring specifications upon request as well as maintenance guidelines to prolong the life of your gym floor.

With over 7000 gyms in the UK, we are here to make your gym stand out from the rest!

Cardio Gym Flooring

Cardio, or CV machines, form a large percentage of gym equipment in most modern gyms. These machines tend to be heavy and the point loading is generally quite high so the correct flooring choice is vital.

With carpet being a popular gym flooring choice for many years, operators are now seeking a more resilient and hygienic alternative that offers gym users a safe surface that is easy to maintain.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), timber (sprung wooden or solid wood), polyurethane and rubber gym floors are popular choices due to the resilience and low maintenance of the floors.

There is also a range of acoustic underlays, acoustic flooring systems and acoustic isolating pads that can be used to reduce the noise and vibration caused by many CV machines including treadmills and cross-trainers.

Recreational Coatings offers a range of flooring well suited to cardio areas, much of which will help reduce acoustic issues and reduce the amount of maintenance required.

Free Weights Flooring

The two main concerns in free weights areas are acoustic/vibration transfer and subfloor damage. With ‘lifting’ becoming ever more popular, this is an area that often requires special attention to prolong the life of the gym floor, and indeed the subfloor.

We have a vast range of rubber tiles, rubber mats, acoustic underlay, acoustic tiles, acoustic pads and flooring systems that help prevent subfloor damage and reduce noise & vibration.

Most of our rubber flooring suppliers offer laboratory test data so each gym flooring product can be compared like-for-like. We also offer on-site rubber flooring testing which may include acoustic underlays to determine what type of rubber flooring system will offer the best performance.

The subfloor, which is another key factor in free weights areas, can be reinforced so that damage from repetitive impact or heavy point loading is reduced. This is also something that can be trialled on-site to determine the best subfloor protection.

We are able to incorporate sunken lifting platforms into a free weights flooring area, which will provide a seamless gym floor without the need for trims or ramps. Our lifting platforms are designed to withstand repetitive impact and protect the subfloor from damage. The platform centres are available in a range of finishes including vinyl, rubber, timber and linoleum, and the centres can also be branded with logos.

Functional Gym Flooring and HIIT Flooring

‘Functional’ and 'HIIT' have been buzz words in the health and fitness industry for many years now and these area types continue to be a key feature in many clubs. These areas demand a lot from the gym floor; shock absorbency, resilience, low maintenance and aesthetics.

Many gym flooring products offer an effective surface for functional and HIIT zones, including rubber mats, rubber tiles, polyurethane sports floors, vinyl sports floors and sports carpet. All of these types of gym floor are customizable including functional floor markings, distance indicators, branding and logos.

Many gym equipment manufacturers offer a functional design to complement their gym equipment, but we are able to offer a design service should you require something more bespoke.

A well thought out functional area is a great opportunity to create a wow factor for members and increase revenue through the group class concept. Gym flooring doesn't have to be dull; let us help you create a masterpiece!

Studio Flooring

An exercise studio nowadays is a far cry from a studio 10 years (or more) ago. Today's studio requires a floor that will withstand the use and abuse of a wide range of classes and activities including Body Pump, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Hi-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Aerobics and much more. Studio use might even go beyond exercise and include children's clubs, creche, social gatherings and so on.

That's why a studio floor needs careful consideration, and with the rise of classes involving heavy pieces of equipment such as rigs and self-powered treadmills, the studio flooring will need to offer a resilient and complementary surface to the type of activity.

Unfortunately, there isn't a magic wand that will tick all the requirements for these areas, but as part of our consultative approach, we can offer a range of studio flooring that should satisfy most of the criteria.

Due to the varied nature of exercise studios, the different types of studio flooring we offer includes rubber, rubber tiles, rubber mats, sports vinyl flooring, sports linoleum, polyurethane, sprung wooden timber floors, sports carpet and even laminate flooring.

Another key consideration is the acoustic issues faced by operators who have a busy class timetable. A class full of members can have an impact on noise and vibration pollution to other areas of a health club so an acoustic underlay or acoustic undercarriage might be an option.

As with all our suppliers, we have laboratory test data to indicate what type of flooring system will work best, but to really find out how a floor performs we can carry out live tests on-site to ensure any acoustic issues are reduced as much as possible.

Studio floors can really create a wow factor- that's why we offer bespoke flooring solutions such as logo installation or functional marking installation.

Sledge & Prowler Tracks

The inspiration for sled (or sledge) training can be traced back to the Scandinavian logging industry where loggers had no choice but to drag felled trees out of the forests. From this heavy work, the men developed powerful legs and lower backs, which perhaps explains why Finnish weightlifters are renowned for their dead-lifting prowess.

It wasn’t long before sled training found its way into athletics- for the sport of bobsledding, in which athletes push a bobsled down an ice track, the transition was seamless. Push sleds are now a common sight in football and rugby training programs and are also used by sprinters and of course, CrossFitters.

Now that sleds are a staple piece of equipment in many fitness facilities, sled tracks have exploded in popularity. We specialise in making tracks of varying design and colour and we can even design a bigger space that uses the same floor finish throughout.

We supply plain and customized tracks with markings that indicate distance. We can also install logos onto these tracks to really add a showpiece in any gym or health club.

Bespoke Services for Gym Flooring

Flooring in gyms has become a focal point over recent years and many operators are now shying away from the more mundane flooring choices such as carpet or laminate.

With the evolution of the health & fitness industry, looking for new gym sites is getting more competitive and space is becoming more of a premium, so making the most of it has never been more important.

Making a floor bespoke with functional lines, branding and logos are more popular than ever and something we specialise in.

Many fitness equipment manufacturers offer flooring designs that will complement their equipment, but we are able to design a space based on equipment type and equipment layout if required, and all of this is done in-house.

RECSystems Gym Flooring

Recreational Coatings has been supplying and installing gym flooring for many years using many products from all over the world. Over recent years this has evolved into specialist gym floorings such as acoustic systems and shock-absorbent flooring. We soon realised there was a need for a bespoke range of gym flooring systems and so RECSystems Gym Flooring was born.

RECSystems Gym Flooring consists of a range of tried and tested gym flooring products such as our Rubber Sandwich system and acoustic floor build-ups. Each system is specified depending on the customer and end-users requirements.

Our Rubber Sandwich is a 2-layer system consisting of a shock pad and durable top layer which can be customized. Thicknesses range from 9mm to 30mm+ and provide a truly aesthetically pleasing floor that offers superior performance.

Our RECSystems Acoustic Flooring provides a real solution in problem areas where noise transfer is an issue. All systems can be tested on-site to offer peace of mind.

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