We are now CHAS accredited

Recreational Coatings are proud to say we are now CHAS accredited.

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) is a trusted advisor on health & safety compliance.

CHAS Accreditation:

CHAS Accreditation is one of the few schemes that benefit both buyers and suppliers equally. For buyers, the accreditation actually provides a bit of peace of mind that might otherwise be impossible to match. CHAS accredited suppliers are held to the highest standards of safety.  Buyers that make use of these suppliers know that they are in compliance with various health and safety laws.

The organisation can also give suppliers a chance to feel secure in their supplier’s ability to consistently perform well. Working with CHAS accredited suppliers is a fine way to make sure that the buyer will not fall prey to any issues that result from working with a supplier that has poor health or safety standards, thus reducing the company’s overall liability in the business.

Suppliers, though reap the real benefits of CHAS accreditation. CHAS accreditation takes away the uncertainty of whether or not a supplier’s practices are safe. It allows a supplier to avoid the often frustrating judgment from various buyers. CHAS also helps suppliers to improve their own practices by providing helpful advice. This is a necessity for those that want to undertake larger jobs and improve their work product.

Perhaps most important of all, a successful CHAS application will allow suppliers to work with any buyer that qualifies as a CHAS buyer.

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