The Benefits of Rubber Gym Flooring

Why rubber flooring is a great choice for gyms

When you’re equipping a new gym or carrying out a refurbishment, flooring might not be your first focus. But get it wrong and you’ll quickly realise why flooring choice is so important for creating a high-quality gym environment. There are lots of reasons that rubber gym flooring is a perfect choice for this setting.

Rubber gym rolls are easy to clean and age well

Unlike many other types of flooring, rubber floors are quick and easy to maintain. It’s easy to keep them clean. Alternatives like mats or carpets can gather dust and crumbs, and quickly become discoloured, especially if they start off a light colour. Tiles may seem like a more sensible option, but even then, they rely on grouting. Because this grout is usually white or grey it can stain and fade very quickly. Ceramic tiles are also prone to cracking, and the pressure of gym equipment and heavy footfall can put unnecessary stress on them that quickly causes issues. Rubber is strong but pliable, which makes it a great and low maintenance option.

Find the perfect Gym flooring UK-wide with our bespoke service

Rubber flooring is extremely versatile and can be incorporated into a range of design aesthetics. Whether you’ve opted for a sleek Scandi vibe with neutral, calming colours – or a metal powerhouse feel, a rubber floor is a perfect addition. It’s also very easy to add tailored printing to rubber gym mats, particularly if you choose rubber tiles. This means it can be used for specialist training areas and designed as bespoke flooring for your gym.

From light to dark, bold to subtle – a range of colours are available so you can pick something neutral and inoffensive or opt for a bright floor for a vibrant and energetic colour palette.

Safe and durable, rubber gym floors are popular in high-end gyms

Safety first has to be the most important mantra for any commercial gym. That’s where rubber flooring can offer a real benefit. Heavy cardio machinery needs specific flooring to be able to deal with the heavy loading. Rubber gym floors are resilient, even when they are in an area with extremely high footfall.

Unlike other forms of flooring like carpet tiles, using rubber flooring means that there is a low risk of loose ends or trip hazards. This helps you to minimise slips, trips and falls, keeping your guests safe and protecting your business.

Rubber gym flooring is comfortable to walk on, and in weight areas it provides a resistant surface that can withstand heavy usage. It also stands up to that additional load if users leave weights on the floor.

Rubber gym flooring easy to clean with minimal disruption

Of course, gym safety is about more than preventing injuries. Regular cleaning is essential in gyms to keep surfaces free from harmful bacteria and viruses. Plus, the cleaner the environment the more pleasant it will be for everyone using and working at the gym. The good news is that rubber floors are extremely easy to mop very quickly. This means that you can reliably remove any dust, mud or other debris that your members have inadvertently brought in on the soles of their shoes.

Even better, because of their texture, rubber floors dry very easily even where there is only minimal ventilation. This makes it the perfect choice for a busy gym. if you are carrying out additional cleaning during the day, having a quick-drying rubber floor helps minimise the length of time taken to clean. It means that disruption is reduced, to give your members the best possible experience.

How Recrational Coatings can help with your Gym flooring needs

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