The benefits of a home gym

A gym at home means exercise fits into your schedule rather than fitting your schedule to get to the gym.

You don’t need lots of expensive equipment to replicate a complete gym workout out at home, nor do you need lots of space. You will feel more relaxed exercising in a comfortable environment and can fit gym sessions around your work and home life, and you’ll save money too.

1. No monthly membership costs, save money over time

The average membership fee for gyms in the UK is £40 a month. Depending on where you live the monthly subscription can be a lot higher. According to market research company Mintel, the number one reason people avoid joining a gym is the cost.

Moreso, the true cost of gym membership increases for the millions who do not attend regularly. Research has shown that one in five gym members only go three times a year. That makes the average cost £188 a visit.

For the same investment, you could buy a dumbbell kit and an adjustable bench to kickstart your home gym setup. You will save money in the long run by purchasing your own exercise equipment and the initial outlay does not need to be significant. Remember, you can build up your home gym over time.

2. Customise your equipment around your personal goals

The majority of subscription gyms base their equipment provision around an estimation of what they believe their average population will want and use most.

If you’re attending a commercial gym, you will find there are lots of pieces of equipment that you simply never use. You will also find that the ones you want to use most are often occupied at the very moment you want to use them.

There will always be pieces that you naturally enjoy using and really feel their benefits. Your training goals may also rely heavily on certain items in the gym. With a home gym, you can pick and choose the equipment to exactly meet your requirements. And there’ll be no more waiting to use the piece you want when you want.

3. A home workout is just as effective as a gym

There’s no reason whatsoever why a home exercise programme won’t be as effective as visiting a gym. There is a huge array of gym equipment on the market, to suit every budget.

What’s more, in today’s connected world, there are fitness apps aplenty. You can practice live-streamed classes from the comfort of your living room and use smart apps to track your progress and performance. You can even connect your Bluetooth headphones to many pieces of home gym equipment.

4. Your gym, your rules

Commercial gyms have a lot of rules. Some of them can limit your own personal training style, put you off using certain equipment or simply impact your performance.

With a home gym, you control everything. You can wear what you want, listen to whatever music you like, make as much noise as you want, and even drop the weights or lift in the style that suits you best.

5. No one else means cleanliness

In the post-pandemic world, we’re all now acutely aware of germs and other nasties that inhabit every surface we touch. No matter how diligent you might be at wiping down each piece of equipment at the gym before and after use, chances are someone else just isn’t.

With a home gym, the germs are yours and yours alone and you can maintain a hygiene routine that is entirely under your control.

A home gym is a one-time purchase or incremental purchases made over time. To be effective exercise should be fun and hassle-free. With a home gym, you get to create your own oasis of exercise, a time to separate you from the rest of the world and achieve your own personal workout goals.

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