Sports Floor Slip Testing

What is the Pendulum Slip Test?

Designed and used for Sports floor slip testing , the Pendulum Test, also known as the Sigler Pendulum Tester, is thought to have been developed by Percy Sigler at the National Bureau of Standards in the 1940’s, its main aim being to measure the slip resistance characteristics of all types of hard surfaces and flooring.

Trialed first in government buildings, the Pendulum Slip Test was then adapted in the 1950’s by the UK Transport Research Laboratory. Their hope? That they would be able to test the skid resistance properties of a road and help avoid cars from skidding, especially around corners.

The Pendulum Slip Resistance Test wasn’t fully modified for commercial floor slip testing until the 1970’s but is now one of the most accurate and trusted ways to check a sports floor’s slip resistance. This landmark test, not only revolutionised the slip floor industry but also helped make sports surfaces safer! All you have to do is ask an architect, and let them explain how vital the Pendulum Slip Resistance Test is to the building trade now.

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