Bring your sports floor back to life!

Sometimes spending time and money on a new floor just isn’t viable, and in a lot of cases, it’s not needed. Here at Recreational Coatings, we can refurbish your Granwood, Timber or Polyurethane (PU) sports floor surface.

We also have a surface treatment under our RECSystems range. This means that a vinyl floor can be re-coated with a protective layer to completely revitalise the surface without the need to remove the entire floor. We can also seal porous rubber surfaces to make it easier to clean, resist stains and seal in functional markings.

The time and cost of refurbishing or renewing a floor are far less compared to installing a new surface. As part of our consultative process, we will assess the floor, recommend whether or not a new surface is needed and provide a comprehensive quotation & specification. We use products from world-leading suppliers which all come with a specification and after-care guidelines.

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