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The biggest sports hall in Europe needs the specialist touch!

Our team have been tasked with revitalizing the Boen timber sports hall surface at the David Ross Sports Village at Nottingham University.

The sports hall is 400m2 and is home to 20 badminton courts, 4 netball courts, 4 volleyball courts, 4 basketball courts, 4 handball courts, 4 indoor hockey pitches, 2 korfball pitches and 4 futsal pitches. The sports hall has been designed to meet competition guidelines and Sport England standards.  It is important that we return the surface to its original condition.

The sheer size of this sporting venue means that careful planning and preparation are vital to make sure the finished surface is 100%. It’s certainly a test of skill and consistency and fortunately we have the best team in the country to do it. We are the UK’s sport flooring and gym flooring specialist with over 30 years of experience.