Choosing the right gym flooring?

Over recent years we have seen a shift in gym flooring systems. For many years carpet tiles were the flooring solution of choice due to cost and ease of installation. Nowadays operators are seeking a more resilient and hygienic gym flooring alternative that offers gym users a safe surface whilst being easy to maintain.

It is important to identify the zones and areas you are looking to create within the gym floor space.  Once these areas are identified the correct flooring solution can be selected. Most gyms contain cardio and fixed weight machine areas. The flooring in these areas needs to be extremely durable, resilient, suitable for heavy loads and easy to maintain. An important factor that needs to be considered is hygiene. Gyms are notoriously sweaty environments. With all the will in the world, the sweat will inevitably end up on the floor and on the machines. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a gym flooring solution in place that is safe and easy to clean.

The most popular choices of gym flooring types are Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), solid wood or sprung wooden timber flooring, polyurethane and rubber flooring. All of these offer high levels of resilience and are easy to maintain. It is also important to ensure that the correct acoustic flooring solutions are in place. Acoustic flooring generally consists of multi-levels of layers and thicknesses. This helps protect against vibration, sound transfer and subfloor damage. We offer on-site rubber flooring testing which may include acoustic underlays to determine what type of rubber flooring system will offer the best performance.

It is important to seek out advice from experts when you are looking to install new gym flooring. We are happy to consult with you to ensure you get the best-suited flooring solution to your needs. If you would like to discuss potential gym flooring solutions please contact one of our experts. We are more than happy to give you a helping hand.

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