Knighton Sports Centre

We were approached by Freedom Leisure to convert an under-used multi-use hall into a new gym at the Knighton Sports Centre Site. We were given a timescale of 1 week to complete the project.

Project Objectives:

We undertook our usual process of consulting with the client, assessing the area and providing a selection of flooring solutions. We were then thrown a curveball, because, following an asbestos inspection, asbestos was found in the subfloor! This meant we had to re-think the original specification of ripping up the old floor and provide a floating floor solution. Time was ticking so we had to think of something quick.


After extensive research and in-house testing, we decided to install a timber floating floor over the old floor. This would mean we could avoid any invasive work and prevent us from having to deal with the asbestos issue.

On top of the floating subfloor, we installed Gerflor’s Creation 55 vinyl plank to the main gym area. This provides a hard wearing and low maintenance floor for the walkways, cardio and fixed resistance areas. We also installed a high impact 43mm rubber tile to the weights area which would provide impact protection from people dropping weights. Finally- we installed our RECSystems Rubber Sandwich to the functional area in dark grey. This would provide an interesting and dedicated zone for functional exercise.

The Results:

The transformation of the old hall was drastic- it was turned from a drab and dated space into a vibrant and functional gym space in a matter of days. The inclusion of new gym flooring and equipment has really transformed the area into an attractive gym environment where people can enjoy their workouts.

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