Acoustic Gym Flooring Issues And How To Resolve Them.

A common issue we find with our clients is acoustic gym flooring problems. A gym is never going to be a quiet place with all the free weights, running, jumping, fitness classes, the impact of fixed weight and cardio machines. Add to this the general hustle and bustle of a gym and the music which is often played; acoustic flooring problems are bound to occur.

In today’s society gym use is on the rise, this is due to a focus on healthy living and general wellbeing. Many gym facilities are now being built alongside or within residential developments. With a new build development, it is best to ensure all the acoustic flooring concerns can be dealt with and accounted for during the design stage. This way the correct gym flooring type can be installed from the start. There are many types of facilities including class studios, yoga studios, power lifting gyms, personal training studios, Crossfit gyms not forgetting your conventional fully equipped gym. Each of these can come with their own gym flooring issues.

It is important to ensure extensive research is carried out and flooring systems are tested and compliant. All our systems are developed and tested in-house which includes barbell drops on rubber systems. If an already active site is having acoustic flooring issues it is best practice the tests are carried out onsite. This can involve combining various acoustic, interstitial and rubber layers to offer a superior acoustic flooring system. It is also beneficial to gain access to any surrounding units that are suffering due to acoustic issues. This enables you to truly understand which flooring type performs best.

We are here to guide you through the process of specifying and installing a new gym flooring system. Our team of experts have over 30 years’ experience. We work with you through initial consultation, installation and aftercare. If you are looking for guidance in regards to current or potential acoustic flooring issues speak to one of our experts – we are here to help.

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